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Caribbean Storage and Service Preparation

November 29th, 2017 | Posted in General, Power Blog, Sailing Blog

Jump start your journey with a stay at BBY. More and more Caribbean cruising boats are choosing Bennett Brothers Yachts as a second dock for storage, service and outfitting. Preparation is critical in a journey of magnitude to the Caribbean and the full boatyard staff at BBY offer over 30 years of expertise preparing and outfitting sailing and power yachts. Whether your destination is the Abacos in the Bahamas, or down island to Grenada or the famed British or US Virgin Islands, store and service your boat in a mild climate and easily approachable destination like Wilmington, North Carolina. With the approach of November and the close of hurricane season we are excited to send off all our Caribbean cruising customers, headed to exotic destinations afar. The turn of November is an essential time for boat owners. Insurance policies dictating storage and cruising locations may relax and owners ready to escape the grasp of winter are eager to embark. Plan early when selecting your summer storage location as many east coast boatyards are operating at capacity as the summer season is the local high season. Dry storage may need to be booked months in advance to ensure space and scheduling work may need to take place before your arrival. Preparation for the next cruising season should begin at the close of your current season. Be sure to note issues that are fresh on your mind – don’t want to forget about that pesky throttle that sticks and return to the same issue! Addressing your needs early will make your return to your vessel stress free and allow you to focus on your journey ahead. Our team can set your vessel up with our Stand Watch Yacht Management Program while you are away, offering you peace of mind that your boat is under regular care. We believe boating should not be stressful or give you anxiety about what is going to happen next, let us help you formulate a plan for your next adventure and set you on a path for a successful Caribbean cruising season!