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IBEX 2017 with BBY

September 22nd, 2017 | Posted in General, Power Blog, Sailing Blog

IBEX or The International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition & Conference is a three day event dedicated to all things boating for those in the marine industry. Catering to those that design, build, service, or sell boats or marine products; attending this event is essential for the maritime industry professional. Our team leaders make the annual journey to participate at IBEX and stay ahead of the curve educating themselves on the latest technology in all facets from finishes and paints to electronics and propellers and beyond. A few essential takeaways from the 2017 show that are setting the tone for the trend in the industry in the coming years are ease of boating and handling, a greater variety of accessory features on board, and access to education for both boat buyers and those looking to start a career in the maritime industry. Major manufactures in all departments are present at this show. Outboard and inboard manufactures, materials and coatings, electronics and fittings, hardware and upholstery, rigging, refrigeration and systems and beyond. Accessibility to trouble free boat handling is a paramount goal the industry is taking on, outboard and inboard manufactures are developing and deploying joystick maneuverability systems for use on all size vessels. This technology makes shorthanded boat handling a breeze for a couple looking to cruise on their own on a sizable vessel that might otherwise be a challenge to navigate around docks and piers. Electronic controls actuate these systems with ease. Also making boating easier is the plethora of new accessories available for boats. One example is brighter and more reliable lighting systems from underwater to deck, interior and running lights. Prior unheard of accessories like refrigerated cup holders built into your boat and fully integrated entertainment systems. It’s tough not to take to the water with all of (and more) the creature comforts of home! Finally, for those looking to start a career in the maritime industry, IBEX hosted skilled trade schools and accreditation organizations that set the standard for education and foundation. Overall, this conference is essential for a boatyard like Bennett Brothers Yachts to attend; educating our staff allows us to better serve our customers through knowledgably guiding their decisions when embarking on the next project.